UsabilityAny website owner wants to know what people really think of his visitors. What seems confusing, complicated, annoying? The website should be easy and intuitive for the user.

Quickness of perception

The probability that the visitor will leave the website great if within ten seconds he will not be able to understand what to do


Search engine, and as a teacher at the school checks your site for errors, programming, preference is always given to the highest scorers.

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SEO promotion articles thematic resources on culture and artOne of the main rules in the development of the Internet resource is the account of the fact that any website designed for a particular target group. This largely determines the methods of its promotion. SEO optimization has different techniques, such as posting on forums and blogs, link exchange, website promotion in social networks, contextual advertising, buy “Mord”, article promotion, and many others.

Article promotion

Among methods of optimization article promotion Internet sites devoted to culture and art, including a special role, due to its high efficiency. This technique is that the Internet site is filled with unique text content, which helps to significantly increase the target audience of the resource users. In addition, seo articles should be placed on other sites devoted to the same subject. Continue reading

Both are considered "signs"?To determine the amount of text in MS Word format (.doc), you must:

– select the fragment or the entire text

– press “Service”

– click on “Statistics”

– in the “Characters with spaces” You will see the desired number of characters in a selection. Continue reading

SEO FAQ: promotion articles. The pros and cons of promotion articles. How to promote your website articles?It seems that now promotion articles — the most effective way to promote a website and increase its popularity.

Promotion articles — is the placement of their articles on the pages of other sites.

What makes article promotion?

Raising the search engine results according to the queries,

Stable traffic with posted pages on other sites

Growth resource the TIC and PR,

Increases trust search engines to promoted articles to the website. Continue reading

SEO promotionSEO promotion of the website is a range of challenging activities, whose main task is to improve the position of Your Internet resource for specific key phrases in SERP. This helps to attract the target audience of organic delivery. These works include comprehensive optimization of Your Internet site. To ensure that all activities aimed at the promotion of the web resource in the search engines were really highly effective, our experts optimize the content, structure and code of the website and other internal parameters that have a significant impact on the ranking in the SERP. Continue reading

SEO optimization articles on the siteThe topic of search engine optimization websites and blogs devoted hundreds of articles on the Internet.

I will try in simple words to convey for psychologists who write articles on the website the basic principles of so-called seo optimization articles, since the optimization and promotion of the site are its creators and developers.

And do it very successfully. The website has a TIC (Yandex) 1000 and PR (Google) 5 out of 10 and trust 8 out of 10. For comparison, the psychologist blog happiness – the author of this article has a 50 TCI and PR 2 out of 10 and 6 of 10 trust. But the age of these 2 sites is almost identical. Continue reading